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Gloss Time Nails offers a high standard of sterility and a relaxing atmosphere. All pedicure services are performed while you relax on a comfortable whirlpool spa chair with ADA hospital-graded, sanitized equipment, disposable liner, buffer, file, and pumice. 

Classic Pedicure
This pedicure includes nail shaping, cuticle grooming, plus a lower leg and foot massage. Hot towel and your choice of polish. 
Spa Pedicure

The Classic Pedicure plus a sugar scrub and callus treatment to soften and relieve dry skin. An extended lower leg and foot massage finish with a hot towel wrap. Your selection of polish adds a personalized touch.
Options: Lavender, Tangerine, & Green Tea. 

Deluxe Pedicure

VOESH is a collection of four-step treatment that enriched with key ingredients to give your feet the nutrition its needs. Begin with a fresh and natural Sea Salt foot soak. Classic pedicure is performed, followed by an exfoliating moisturizing Sea Foam Scrub. Then the Mud Masque with steamed towels will be wrapped on your legs. The treatment ends with a relaxing massage lotion to relieve tired and achy feet. 
VOESH packages offer a variety of refreshing aroma: 

1) Green Tea (DeTox) 4) Mango (Delight) 
2) Ocean (Refresh) 5) Jasmine (Soothe) 
3) Lavender (Relieve)  6) Cucumber (Fresh) 
The Ultimate Pedicure

Our Elegant special pedicure includes everything in the Deluxe Pedicure. Follow by paraffin wax in your feet to soothes out dry heels and damaged skin. Finally get extra legs and foot massage with hot rocks. 


Classic Manicure
This manicure includes nail shaping, cuticle grooming and hydration, & a relaxing lower arm and hand massage. Your choice of polish adds the finishing touch. 
Signature Manicure
The Classical Manicure plus an additional massage with a luxurious blend of purifying sea salts and oils that gently scrubs away dull, dry skin. Hands are then placed in hot towels, followed by a moisturizing massage. Your choice of polish. 
The Ultimate Manicure
The most luxurious and most loved Elegant Nail Spa manicure. This service awakens and refreshes your skin revealing a perfect backdrop for your manicured nails. This manicure includes everything in the Signature Manicure plus an intensely hydrating paraffin treatment and collagen cream infused gloves that are slipped on delivering anti-aging benefits. A hot towel wrap and extended massage is the final touch of this luxurious experience. Your selection of polish adds a personalized touch. 
Gel Manicure
Hands are prepped for the gel polish application with the Classic Manicure. The polish is cured with an LED light and the nails are instantly dry! Gel polish feels virtually weightless on your hands and lasts much longer than regular nail polish. Many popular shades available. (Includes soak-off).



Acrylic is the most durable form of nail enhancement. Recommended for those who constantly work with their hands. It is the most popular form of artificial nails due to its durability and low maintenance.

  • Acrylic Full Set Regular Polish
  • Acrylic Full Set Gel Polish
  • Acrylic Fill Regular Polish
  • Acrylic Fill Gel Polish 
  • Full Set Color Powder


A healthy alternative to Acrylic Nails: free of harsh chemicals, non-toxic, and odorless. Dipping powder nails (SNS) are durable but gentle and lightweight. Applied without liquids or UV light. Infused with vitamins for healthy, long nails. 

  • Dipping Powder
  • Dipping Powder with Manicure


  • Polish Change Hands (Color/French)
  • Polish Change on Acrylic Nails
  • Polish Change Feet (Color/French)
  • French (White Tips) (with services) $10 
  • Nail Design 
  • Nail Repair 
  • Take Off Acrylics (without services) 
  • Take Off Dip (without service)
  • Gel Polish Removal (without service) 
  • Paraffin Treatment (Hands/Feet) 
  • Hot Stone Massage (added to any Pedi)  
  • Collagen Treatment (Hands/Feet)


Eyebrows Half Arms
Lips Full Arms
Chin Bikini Side
Side Burns
Full Face Full Legs
Chin & Neck
Upper Legs
Lower Legs


We accommodate parties for weddings and birthdays, plus more events. Relax & have fun! 


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